Whoa… you damn well can’t do that anymore!
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Whoa… you damn well can’t do that anymore!

Tell me, when did we become so damn conservative? Why does it seem impossible to do something like this today? The album being advertised was released in 1970 – making this promotional video over 40 years old!

Unexpected, funny, weird, impressionistic, feeling like some link between Un Chien Andalou and Eraserhead. And, perhaps most importantly, there’s something that’s just so right about this (anyone happen to know who’s responsible? Likely Van Vliet himself). Those familiar with his work will see this as a wonderful visual companion to his music. Enjoy.

…and from Wikipedia:
Lick My Decals Off, Baby
 (1970) continued in a similarly experimental vein. An album with “a very coherent structure” in the Magic Band’s “most experimental and visionary stage”, it was Van Vliet’s most commercially successful in the United Kingdom, spending twenty weeks on the UK Albums Chart and peaking at number 20. An early promotional music video was made of its title song, and a bizarre television commercial was also filmed that included excerpts from “Woe-Is-uh-Me-Bop”, silent footage of masked Magic Band members using kitchen utensils as musical instruments, and Beefheart kicking over a bowl of what appears to be porridge onto a dividing stripe in the middle of a road. The video was rarely played but was accepted into the Museum of Modern Art, where it has been used in several programs related to music.

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