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Well, if it isn't the old typeface bait-and-switch
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Today I am a Red Sox fan (did I just say that?!)

Well, if it isn’t the old typographic bait-and-switch…

Have a look at the lettering of the words “Yankee Stadium” as originally proposed in a June, 2005 press conference (above left) and then as it actually appears in the New Yankee Stadium (above right).

As I recall, when every single New Yorker happily agreed to replace one of their greatest landmarks with a $2.3 billion facimile (which they would no longer be able to afford to attend), it was with the clear understanding that we were going with the sans-serif.

Go fix it… we’ll wait.

Alternatively, you can just take a wrecking ball the the whole damn thing and simply bring back the real Yankee Stadium. Oh, and if you feel that you must do something new to it – consider a statue of Roy White out front.

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