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Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Nicely done! I really like this promo. The more obvious route for promoting a comic arts festival would be to show comics as the fun, naughty and brash black sheep of the art world — and (of course) be sure to exploit the often quirky personalities of the cartoonists, etc…

But here we see just the opposite. Artists thoughtfully describing their love for the tools of their craft, a smartly understated soundtrack, and sumptuous visuals of graphite and ink being applied to paper.

Cartooning will likely never get the respect it deserves, but seeing it presented this way leaves me feeling at least a little bit of hope.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Vimeo.

FYI: Here are the credits…

Director: Christopher Hutsul
Director of Photography: Vinit Borrison
Producer: Nick Sorbara
Executive Producer: Jacinte Faria
Editorial: Melanie Hider, Bijou Editorial
Score: “Background Noise (Don’t Become)” by Solvent, Courtesy Ghostly International
Sound Design: Vapor Music
Online Artist + Colourist: Hardave Grewal, RedLab
Graphic Novelists: Chester Brown, Michael Comeau, Steve Charles Manale, Vicki Nerino, Michael Cho, Michael DeForge, Seth, Fiona Smyth + Britt Wilson.

A Hard Citizen Production.

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