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Seeking a full-time position in hurricane logo design
Today I am a Red Sox fan (did I just say that?!)

Seeking a full-time position in hurricane logo design

I had no idea of the degree to which this particular branch of graphic design was thriving, though it could clearly benefit from a little more originality. We may not always know when or where the next storm will be, but at least we know it’s sans-serif. Prepare accordingly.

And there is something particularly amusing about the dismal tracking on the word tracking in “Tracking Irene” (upper right). Amusing because someone was obviously paying some sort of (clearly misplaced) attention to it. They sure did tuck that R under the T with a crowbar, but were seemingly hit with a sudden bout of lethargy regarding the visual space between the R and the A.

And perhaps the next time anyone is attempting to create appropriate graphics for an important news event in 2011, they would be well advised to skip the cheesy 1980s Sci-Fi/Sports-ish typeface altogether.

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