Whoa… you damn well can’t do that anymore!
This is what graphic design looks like
Dyslexie, A Different Kind of Beauty
Well, if it isn't the old typeface bait-and-switch
Seeking a full-time position in hurricane logo design
Today I am a Red Sox fan (did I just say that?!)

About Myself and This Site

I am not part of the design elite. Not at all. I do not know them. I do not attend their parties. I do not drink their fabulous white wine, I do not partake in their self – congratulatory chit-chat, nor (perhaps most unfortunately) have I sampled their petite garlic-encrusted mahi-mahi puffs. Sure, I know who they are, but they do not know me. And you do not know me. Then again, perhaps, in a way, you do.

I have been a graphic designer for nearly thirty years….

Getting Graphic is my place to share thoughts, opinions and lots of (for lack of a better word) “stuff” that I find interesting.

Thanks for visiting—and feel free to contact me using the links at the top of the column at the left.

About the site….

WordPress is quite amazing. And it’s free. And it’s just “there” — like trees, and clouds, and clients who owe you money. This site runs on WordPress, and was built with Headway. Just a few years ago you had to have some serious programming chops to create an original design in WordPress. Headway–as well as a quickly growing number of other WP “frameworks”—have begun to change that. If, like myself, you’ve always wanted to take advantage of the power of WordPress, but can be overwhelmed by the technical sophistication of it, then you should consider the available frameworks (and do yourself a favor and definitely give Headway a good look).

The typeface used for the heading “Getting Graphic” is Duke, designed by James T. Edmondson for the Lost Type Co-op. Have a look around at the Lost Type Co-op for some wonderful and unique fonts that start at (literally) $0.

And a great big thank-you for the illustration above (“Howie Superhero”) which was actually drawn many years ago by Matt Mayer, my Boswell.

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